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Mission Network has researched and promoted fruitful paradigm shifts in mission strategy since 2004.

Barb & Gary Bundy

Barb & Gary Bundy

[Temporary note: My best friend, who taught me the most about listening to God, preceded me into glory on March 6th. As God leads, read my tribute to Gary, and what he taught me about hearing and following God’s voice.]

In the terminology introduced by The Tipping Point, Mission Network serves mission leaders as a maven and a connector. This site provides one context for this service.

So what is YOUR Vision for accelerating the discipling of all nations?

  • Who else shares your vision?
  • How can you find them?
  • And how can you strengthen each other’s ministry through …
    • sharing insight and resources,
    • exchanging contacts, and
    • collaborating in joint ventures?
  • Where can you find mentors to guide you?
  • And who will guide you to multiplied effectiveness in your calling?

We invite your input on a proposed service to help you answer these questions.

Mission Network exists to connect you with ministries and insights
that will help you achieve multiplied effectiveness in your calling.

As we work at this, we welcome your questions and suggestions.

In fact, this whole site is designed to welcome your collaboration through interaction.

To learn more, or let us know about similar efforts, email us or use the comment form below.

We are especially interested in hearing from you if:

  • you know of similar services with which we can collaborate,
  • you enjoy making connections for kingdom benefit, and would like to share in this effort, or
  • you have discretionary time you would like to invest strategically for God’s kingdom.

Thank you for stopping by!

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