Lead the Lost to Jesus Without being Obnoxious

Church Planting Movements around the world demonstrate that

The Gospel swiftly sweeps lost people into God’s Kingdom when new believers are quickly trained and coached
to invite others to follow Christ.

Emerging U.S. movements are replicating this dynamic here.

From these movements it is clear that:

  • The longer a Christian waits to share the Gospel, the more difficult it becomes.
  • The longer one waits to share with a friend, the harder it is to introduce the gospel.

So how can a decades-old believer like me, whose sporadic impulses to talk with strangers on airplanes only deepen my feelings of inadequacy, grow to freedom and fruitfulness in leading others to Christ, and leading other mature Christians to freedom and fruitfulness in inviting others to join us in following Jesus?

This has become my passionate pursuit since serving as assistant editor for the
Mar/Apr 2014 issue of Mission Frontiers, on emerging “4×4 Movements” in the U.S.

Bill Fay (Share Your Faith Without Arguing)

CBN blogger Sherman Nobles describes his own personal experience:

[Share Jesus Without Fear] is a very non-confrontational, relational and natural approach to sharing the Gospel. The method relies very heavily upon the inherent power of the Gospel and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, not at all upon the messenger’s charisma, persuasive words, or even their testimony.

Personally, before I studied the SJWF material, I was relatively active in sharing my faith, but I constantly struggled with the fear of rejection and of offending others. SJWF helped me overcome these fears and taught me a simple, yet powerful way to share my faith. Since then, the SJWF method has become an integral part of my life.

Sherman first used this approach (during training) with a stranger he met in the park:


“So why are you in Pittsburgh?”


“Well, to be frankly honest, my wife and I are here learning how to share our faith in Jesus without being obnoxious.”


Oh really, would you show me?

Ok, first I’d like to ask you a few questions. Do you have any spiritual beliefs?

Yes, I believe in God.

Ok, if you don’t mind me asking, to you who is Jesus?

To me Jesus is the element in society that is missing that would pull everything together if He was included.

Ok, do you believe in Heaven and Hell?


If you were to die tonight, where would you go?

I’m not sure.

If what you believe were not true or complete, would you want to know it?

Of course I would!

Great, but for the next part I need a Bible to show you a few key verses. Would you walk across the road with me to the house we are staying at?

Sure, lead the way.

For the next two hours, my wife and I openly shared the Gospel with this young man who wanted to know more about God.

As I adapt this approach for my own use, I like this as a possible opening line:

Would you do me a favor? I’m trying to learn how to share my faith in Jesus without being obnoxious. Could I ask you a few questions? Do you have any particular religious beliefs? …

If you want to try this but can’t bring yourself to do this with non-Christians yet, practice with your Christian friends.

Bill Fay’s 80 minute audio presentation covers how and why to:

– ask these questions,

– invite the other person’s interaction with the Bible,

– deal with common objections, and

– lead with questions to a decision.

This is available in this YouTube “video”: <http://youtu.be/JUUNK4k5es8>.

(This “video” is just a background image of a booklet summarizing Bill’s message with poor sound quality, but it is freely available.)

A free 32-page booklet describing Bill’s approach (pictured in the video above) is available here: <http://discoveryseries.org/discovery-series/how-can-i-share-my-faith-without-an-argument/>. From there you can view a PDF or order a free printed copy by mail.

Bill’s own site <http://www.sharejesuswithoutfear.com/> offers several additional resources, including:

– Bill’s full book “Share Jesus Without Fear,”

– “give-away” New Testaments ($2 each in quantities of 50), and

– a “listen” link with the CD broken into 11 parts.

On Wednesday I ordered each of these items.

See the outlines here: <http://aimtrainers.org/gospel-witness/> for a two-page summary of

– Bill Fay’s method, plus

– several other effective, contemporary evangelism methods.

Note: After you and I parted yesterday I spoke by phone with someone experienced in Bill Fay’s approach,

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