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David Watson and his son Paul are the early pioneers and champions of the discovery approach, which has now grown into a large global network of movements and adaptations.

From their rich experience the Watsons have just released Contagious Disciple-Making (December, 2014), distilling what they have learned over the years—not just about the core discovery process, but also how to work with God to start prayer and discipling movements.

Their chapter on how to start a prayer movement (as the foundation for a discipling movement) is one of the most important chapters I have read, and the book is full of other important insight about how to make disciples who reproduce.

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I have worked out a special arrangement with the publisher for a group discount in which we can each get one or more cases at 50% discount.
That’s 36 books for $270 ($7.50/book, tax and shipping included).

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(P.S. If you would like a discount on a smaller number of copies, email me the information listed above with your request, adding how many you want and what you can afford.)

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