Turn 50%+ of your Mobile Bill into Income (or a Donation)

In July, 2012 I became a beta-tester for Solavei’s better way of doing business. From this vantage point I have watched Solavei develop into a premier mobile service.

I have seen firsthand how Solavei’s business model empowers collaboration between ministries and their support communities to provide significant financial and other benefits to everyone involved.

Solavei’s model of “social commerce”
- empowers low cost collaboration for mutual financial benefit,
- captures the many benefits of “direct marketing,”
- and avoids the pitfalls common to MLM.

And with Solavei’s new rate plans anyone can eliminate their own mobile bill while helping our ministry!
- Pick up a $29/mo unlimited talk/text line for yourself, your child or a friend, and a third of your bill can benefit our ministry!
- Tell family and friends about Solavei, and you can earn substantial tax deductions even if your friends don’t switch.
- Enroll just three friends under you, and your monthly bill drops to $9/mo while our ministry receives even more!

How does this benefit our ministry?

Unlimited talk, text and web has transformed how I use my phone.

In helping 12+ family and friends make the switch and enroll others, we have developed $140/mo of referral income, plus a $250/mo bonus, for a total of $390/mo.

In effect 70+% of what our friends and family pay for their mobile service has been transformed into a donation to our ministry, with these added benefits:

  • Our friends are getting a great value for their mobile service.
  • And all have reduced cost and/or increased functionality.

As we continue helping others enjoy these same benefits, our own income from Solavei will increase to provide a stable, significant complement to donations toward our ministry.

What is Solavei?

Solavei starts with a great value: unlimited talk and text for a flat $29/mo, plus unlimited data options bundled with up to 4GB/mo of high speed data.

With Solavei there is absolutely no way to generate “surprise” charges, so you can safely loan lines to your kids, or other family or friends.

For just $29/mo, Solavei includes:

  • Unlimited T-Mobile access, with limited free AT&T roaming.
  • Unlimited incoming calls from anywhere.
  • Unlimited outgoing calls to U.S. numbers.
  • Great prepay per minute rates on international dialing.
    (Unlimited calling to 59 countries for $10/mo.)
  • Unlimited free 411 (information) calling
    (with free patch through to your destination).
  • Unlimited
    - 3-way calling,
    - caller ID,
    - call forwarding,
    - call waiting, and
    - voicemail.
  • Unlimited U.S plain (SMS) and media (MMS) texting.
  • Unlimited international SMS
    (“short code” texting to Google, Facebook and Twitter only).

All data plans include unlimited 2G/Edge data,
plus the a high speed data allowance
(availability subject to your phone and local towers):

  • $10/mo for 500M of 3G/4G data
  • $20/mo for 2G of 3G/4G data
  • $40/mo for 4G of 3G/4G data

All these data plans include:

  • Unlimited data on T-Mobile towers
    (plus limited free data roaming on AT&T towers).
  • Unlimited free WiFi hotspot on compatible phones
    (not officially supported).
  • A monthly allowance of 3G/4G data on compatible phones
    (as supported by T-Mobile towers).

Solavei adds further value to its mobile service with:

  • profit-sharing with its customers (from their referrals),
  • great support through:
    - your sponsor (me),
    - phone-based support and on-line chat (5:30am-9pm PT) , and
    - extensive 24hr community forums & reference documents.
  • a free bank account and debit (pay) card (must be 18+), and
  • extra savings through Solavei marketplace
    (through Solavei’s collective buying power).

Is Solavei Right for You?

Use these questions to determine whether Solavei makes sense for you:

Do you live in T-Mobile territory?
Test by checking for local T-Mobile retail outlets.

How could “unlimited” increase your effectiveness?
- Would unlimited talk enable you to drop your home phone line?
- Would unlimited text change the way you communicate?
- Would you use “on the go” GPS, email, web browsing and Skype?
- Would you loan out a line to others if there were no risk of overages?

Do you occasionally need a mobile WiFi Hotspot?

Are there any Deal Breakers for You?

Do you need more than 4 Gigabytes/mo of high speed data?
(Actual speed depends on your local towers and your phone.)
After 4 GB (max) at 3G/4G (and when roaming), you still get 2G/Edge.
iPhone 4/4S users can check here to see their likely 3G coverage.
There is no way to pay for more than 4GB in a month.

Do you need “short code” texting?
Some realtors and others use short code texting to offer information.
But some services charge (like invitations to donate after a disaster.)
To guarantee a flat monthly fee, Solavei doesn’t allow such charges.
Solavei offers short code texts only to Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Can I help you Switch to Solavei?

Because Solavei adds such value to our ministry, I can afford to:

  • Loan you an active Solavei SIM card/line to try out.
  • Loan you a phone indefinitely (until you are ready to buy your own).
  • Help you choose a phone you’ll love.
  • Unlock most AT&T phones (your own or a new one you buy).
  • Walk you through moving your number or getting a new one.
  • And help you explain the benefits to your friends.

To learn more:

  • talk with the friend who sent you to this page,
  • call me at 360 420-5634, or
  • email me your number and suggest good times for me to call you.

P.S. Even if your friends don’t switch, just the act of telling them about Solavei can dramatically reduce your own taxes. Read about the tax savings of having a “home-based” business.

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