Our Authority in Healing

As I became interested in the interplay of Reproducing Discipleship and the Authority Jesus gives us for Divine Healing, from December 2013 to May 2014 I had two bouts of sleep deprivation from sciatic pain which intensified any time I sat or lay down.

During this time my limited theology of healing was transformed by

From various sources I have distilled this understanding:

  • Jesus paid for all healing through His suffering at the crucifixion.
  • Just as God healed through Jesus, He wants to heal through Jesus’ body (us).
  • In the Holy Spirit, we have the same authority as Jesus to command Healing.
  • As we exercise this authority, God will confirm His Word.
  • Our job is to disciple, seek God’s Kingdom and destroy Satan’s works.
  • This is walking with God, NOT a formula or magic with “guaranteed” results.

Jesus declares in Mk 16:17-18 that “those who believe … will place their hands on sick people … and they will be healed.”

If you are hungry to know God better in this way, here is an approach you can try.
But rest in intimacy with God, and what Jesus did, not mere mechanics:

  • Lay on hands, thank God for His love, and ask the Holy Spirit for direction.
  • Command the condition and whole person to be healed.
  • If pain moves or symptoms return command evil spirits to depart.
  • Speak authoritatively as you sense God’s Spirit leading.
  • Faith is evidenced more in how we act than how we feel or what we expect.
  • Keep the prayer short; Jesus does the work, not the length of our prayers.
  • If the condition just improves, repeat until healing is complete.
  • When the condition stops improving, ask the Holy Spirit to keep teaching you.
  • Persist in seeking God to train you in your authority for healing others.
  • Seek medical attention as God leads, but not as a substitute for seeking God.

The first time I was healed my sciatic pain went away gradually over five days as many prayed for me. When the pain suddenly returned two months later it lasted another month, then took another week to he healed through three visits to the Healing Rooms.

(I subsequently learned more about how to retain. We live in the conflict of two kingdoms, in which evil spirits mimic pain from our injuries. But we can exercise authority over such spirits. Although Jackie and I still suffer other pain from pushing ourselves too hard, I continue to be free of sciatic pain.)

To date I experience more failure than success in healing others, but I have been encouraged by two remarkable miracles God enabled me to perform in June of 2014, one restoring irretrievably lost computer work and the other instant healing of a man wearing a TENS unit to suppress muscle spasms.

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