Dwolla is a kind of “electronic check-writing” system which eliminates the cost and overhead of credit card processing. It is the only free way we know to receive recurring on-line donations.

All payments are now free to both sender and recipient!
(It used to be that the recipient was charged a paltry 25 cents for amounts over $10.)
That’s great for merchants, or ministries like ours which receive mostly small donations.
(Compare with PayPal, which charges $.30 plus 2.9% for every recurring transaction!)

If you are in a business or ministry with frequent need for a less expensive way to receive funds, check out these articles:

Dwolla accounts are free, and signing up is as simple as PayPalDwolla makes two small deposits to your bank account (under $.20 each), then asks you to verify the amounts.

Once you are signed up and verified, Dwolla is the cheapest way to automate recurring donations to us or others.

(You can also use Dwolla to pay an increasing number of merchants. This typically saves them 3%, which they may share with you.)