Mission Frontiers on Honor/Shame—Box of 60 (limited supply)!

transparent MF logoThe Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Mission Frontiers features the urgent topic of The Power of Honor—how the honor/shame themes “hidden” in the Bible relate directly to honor/shame cultures around the world.


Mission Network printed 5,000 extra copies to make available on a donation basis. About 1,000 remain. These ship in USPS 2–3 day flat rate boxes of 60 copies.

Offer good while supplies last.

To request one or more boxes, simply:

– email your request to: Special.Offers@theMissionNetwork.org , or
– call or text Robby at (360 420-5634).

Please include your:
– Name,
– Shipping Address,
– Phone Number,
– Sphere of influence (where you’ll distribute the MFs),
– and how you learned about this offer.

To defray the costs of materials and shipping, a donation of
$80/box of 60 copies is invited but not required.

Optional bonus 1: While supplies last you can also mix and match a total of 60 copies in one box from all three of these Mission Frontiers issues which Mission Network helped to produce:

Optional bonus 2: Upon request we can also squeeze in one discounted copy of
The Global Gospel
 with each box for $20 (20% discount, with free shipping!).

Thanks for your interest!

Let us know how we can serve you!

P.S. To automatically receive your own printed copy of future issues by mail (too late for this issue), subscribe at MissionFrontiers.org/subscribe !

P.P.S. You might also be interested in our 20% volume discount on Werner Mischke’s book The Global Gospel, which inspired this issue.

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