My Background: Not your Average Charismatic or Pentecostal

As God is teaching me about the authority He has given His body for miraculous healing, and about the importance of Divine Healing for Reproducing Discipleship, and even enabling me to perform two unusual miracles, it may help to know that I am NOT a “died in the wool” Charismatic or Pentecostal. I am a typical, shy engineer who came to know Christ as a teenager and then trained in computer programming at Caltech. I believe that God works miracles through others, even today, but I have trouble believing that He would do so through me.

Since college I have given my life to “speeding the day of the Lord’s return” (2 Pe 3:12) by researching and reporting what is proving most fruitful in discipling all nations (Mt 24:18). And in recent months I have been sensing that God wants me to begin participating in what I have previously been content to simply write about.

I do not doubt that God communicates with some through dreams and visions, but I cannot recall ever experiencing God speaking to me visually. (I “think” in words and concepts, and am rarely able to “visualize” things even when I want to.)

Others have prayed for me to “receive” the Holy Spirit, and I have at times sought greater fullness of the Spirit through prayer and fasting. But I don’t often “sense His presence,” or have the extraordinary experiences some of my friends describe.

Periodically I have tried speaking in tongues, and I accept this as a significant part of how God ministers in and through some. But tongues is not a regular or significant part of my experience.

Amidst my Charismatic and Pentcostal friends I feel pretty out of touch with the supernatural. So it has come as a quite a surprise that God would enable me to perform a miracle and heal someone.