Getting Started in Starting Movements

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A Guide to Getting Started in Starting Movements

The Mar/Apr 2014 issue of Mission Frontiers describes the emergence of “4×4 movement starts” in the U.S. (and elsewhere). Such Movements simultaneously pursue:
• depth (at least four generations), and
• breadth (at least four lineages or streams).

Familiarity with the above issue of MF is assumed in what follows.


A variety of factors may suggest different paths for individuals who are seeking the Lord’s leading toward launching a 4×4 movement start:

  • the location, local relationships and time you have for this effort,
  • the giftings, personality, experiences and influence you bring, and
  • the variety of approaches through which God is bringing forth fruit.

However there are some basic essentials:

  • Listening for and following the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
  • Engaging personally in witnessing and discipling others.
  • Sharing vision and training others to join you.

Here are ten ingredients considered necessary to see a movement start.
These may help you seek the Lord about what you need to focus on:

  1. Pray and fast
  2. Share the Gospel aggressively
  3. Cast vision repeatedly
  4. Develop trainers, not congregants
  5. Go meet with the lost in their context (don’t invite them to come to gatherings)
  6. Train new believers immediately to share what God did for them, and train others
  7. Set Spirit-led goals
  8. Forecast and assess (practice “Iron on Iron” and generational mapping)
  9. Create dynamic training environments
  10. Model, Assist, Watch, Leave

Too Busy to Plunge In?

You can still follow the simple steps below to start personally (or with your family) to develop the skills to witness fruitfully, then start training others to join you:

  1. Practice privately and with friends telling “your story with Christ” (this form helps you write your story/help others with theirs) (watch this 2 minute video).
    Share your story with believing family and friends, and invite their feedback.
    Invite them to practice sharing their story with you.
    Pray together for God to lead you each in sharing your stories with others.
  2. Watch this 6 minute Gospel presentation.
    Practice alone, then with friends:
    • asking, “Would you say you are near to God or far from God?,”
    • hearing out the other person’s story, then
    • drawing and explaining the Gospel using a 3×5 card or blank sheet of paper.
    Read this Gospel presentation (this also includes an explanation of what to do when someone says, “Yes, I’d like Jesus to be my boss”).
    Pray together with believing family and friends for God to lead you each in sharing with those “far from God.”
  3. Practice asking this “miracle question” with believing family and friends, then others:
    If God could do a miracle in your life that would meet a need you have right now, what would it be … and can I pray that for you?
    Pray as requested. When a stranger agrees, ask their first name and pray with them.
  4. With your spouse or a friend, walk and pray aloud together as the Lord leads.
    As the Lord opens doors for conversation with others, say:
    We are praying for this (neighborhood, community, …).
    What specific needs here do you think we should pray for?

    If you get a positive response, get more personal with the “miracle question” above.
  5. When you find someone who identifies a real need and accepts prayer, plan to reconnect two weeks to two months later.
    Pray and prepare to share with them a “Story of Hope” (see below), then your story and the Gospel (above).
    Conclude by asking if they would like Jesus to become their “boss.”
    Green light: If they say “Yes,” have them invite God to take over their life, then help them get started on these steps.
    Yellow light: If they say “Not yet,” ask if you can return a week later to tell another story.
    Red light: If they have a strong negative response, bless them and leave.
    (Or as the Lord leads, ask again “Do you need a miracle I can pray for?”)
  6. Learn the first “Story of Hope” well enough to tell it in your own words, then practice telling it to friends and strangers with a few simple questions:
    • What in this story surprises you?
    • Where do you see yourself in this story?
  7. Learn all “Seven Stories of Hope” well enough to tell them in your own words.


For those ready to pursue movements more aggressively, a wealth of materials and coaching is available. For starters I recommend:

  • An interactive, private Facebook coaching network.
    (email me for an invitation, or other coaching connections.)

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P.S. I have written some additional thoughts about the empowerment of Reproducing Discipleship with Divine Healing, as commanded in Lk 10 and Mt 10.