Training and Other Events

Upcoming training and other notable events in the Pacific Northwest.


Pacific NW events to connect you and your network with fruitful networks and models:

downloadable PDF flyer to email friends

downloadable PDF flyer to email friends

1. “Four Fields” Training in Redmond, WA, September 2–5, 2016

Top leaders of the nationwide No Place Left network will be leading this training.
Also see/share the Facebook page for this event.
(Part of an ongoing nationwide series of trainings.)






Neighborhood Preparedness Outreach

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2. Neighborhood Preparedness Outreach Training: Bellevue, WA, September 15, 9–2

Preparing for potential disasters is a great way to connect with neighbors and begin spiritual conversations.

This training integrates:

  • the WA state Map Your Neighborhood program (to guide neighbors in preparing together for potential disasters)
  • with Q-Place guidance in gathering people with different beliefs for spiritual discussion around the Bible.



We live at a pivotal moment in His-story:

  • The global Church is stronger, and growing faster, than ever before.
  • Through movements, nations are being discipled faster than ever before.
  • Some generation will embrace the potential of movements to reach every people.
  • We could become that generation!

Yet the majority of believers are disconnected from this reality. Most of us:

  • aren’t aware of the unprecedented movements unfolding in our day, and
  • aren’t familiar with biblical principles for pursuing God for movements.

Seeking God for movements involves a few basic paradigm shifts:

  • from seeking to grow our own church
    to training our members to disciple all of their relational networks.
    (including family, friends, co-workers and neighbors)
  • from telling people what the Bible says
    to guiding people to hear God speak to them directly through His Word.
  • from giving people information
    to training them to obey all Jesus’ commands.

A growing number of churches, big and small, are leading the way in this 21st Century return to New Testament models, including:

The events above can help and your church join this paradigm shift to greater fruitfulness.